People. Pride. Petroleum. These three words are the foundation of Alaska’s oil and gas industry. AKOG:

  • Empowers employees to unify within the industry

  • Fosters pride in the work across all industry sectors

  • Links back to petroleum, the lifeblood of Alaska

AKOG is a resource designed for industry employees, by industry employees. The goal is to connect with each other, share pride in what we do, and provide the tools needed to talk with friends and family about what we do and why it matters.

Oil and gas has provided countless benefits to Alaska and we want to empower you to spread the word. For example, did you know:

  • Oil and gas paid over $3 billion in taxes and royalties to state and local governments in 2019
  • Oil and gas contributed $370 million to the Permanent Fund in 2019, meaning higher dividend payments for all Alaskans
  • Oil and gas accounts for 32% of all jobs and 35% of all wages paid in Alaska
  • Every oil and gas job in Alaska creates 20 new jobs in the state
  • New oil and gas discoveries and projects in Alaska represent more than all petroleum recovered to date (18 billion barrels and counting)




We are a diverse community of Alaskans who are proud to work in the oil and gas industry. Our work provides the energy that moves Alaska forward, providing opportunities for everyone. At AKOG, we celebrate diversity while sharing a common vision of responsible development to support our state and communities. We are proud to be neighbors, volunteers, and community members. Energy is our product, but our greatest resource is our people.

People. Pride. Petroleum.



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